Jack Carroll

Jack Carroll was one of the greatest boxers ever produced from Australia.

Born Arthur Hardwick in Kensington, Victoria in 1906, he turned professional at the age of 17 using the ring name Jack Carroll to hide his new career from his mother. He battled his way up through the preliminary bouts at West Melbourne Stadium and often took fights in regional Victoria. Under the guidance of Bill O’Brien, Carroll honed his boxing skills in the ring while working full-time in a bakery.

A chance encounter at a Sydney racetrack while on holiday earned Carroll a short-notice main event slot at Sydney Stadium. His opponent, Gil McGrath, was highly touted but Carroll stopped him in nine rounds. Two more wins in Sydney followed by a pair of wins in Brisbane earned Carroll a shot at the 18-year-old Australian welterweight champion Al Bourke. Carroll annexed the title with a seventh-round TKO win. Although Carroll would never lose the title in the ring, both Charlie Purdy and Wally Hancock later claimed the title after Carroll was disqualified in non-title bouts.

A disappointing points loss to Harry Casey on 16 August 1928 in his New Zealand debut set the stage for Carroll’s career to remain in Australia. The poor performance was due to seasickness suffered during the voyage. Carroll avenged the loss in his last bout overseas, and later stopped Casey in a 1929 Brisbane bout. A knockout loss to Meyer Grace derailed Carroll’s attempt to enter the world rankings before wins over Jack Kilbourne rejuvenated his career. A hand injury suffered in 1931 forced a six-month layoff, and when Carroll was knocked out by Fred Henneberry upon his return many thought his career as a top boxer was finished.

Carroll took a job in a slaughterhouse and found the act of ripping the flesh from the carcasses strengthened his hand and healed his hand injuries. After Henneberry won the Australian middleweight title from Ron Richards, he agreed to a rematch with Carroll but refused to put the title on the line. Carroll won every round and claimed the Australian middleweight title. He knocked out Bluey Jones in 1933 to reclaim the welterweight title he had never lost and then beat Henneberry again in another non-title match. 1934 wins over Todd Morgan, Wesley Ramey and Ron Richards at Sydney Stadium earned him a world ranking. In 1935 Carroll defeated Willard Brown, Bobby Wilson and Jack Portney within a four week period, but after his September 1935 bout with Paul Schaeffer was ruled a no-contest by Sydney Stadium referee Joe Wallis due to Schaeffer being overmatched, Carroll signed with Charlie Lucas and his Sydney Sports Ground venture.

Carroll faced world #2 contender Bep van Klaveren in the opening show at the Sydney Sports Ground on Boxing Day 1935, easily outpointing the 1928 Olympic Gold Medallist in front of 25,000 fans. When he again dominated van Klaveren in the rematch, many were calling for Carroll to fight for the world championship. Lucas negotiated a bout with Barney Ross for the world welterweight title, but the bout was cancelled when Lucas could not raise enough money to pay Ross’ £9,000 guarantee (the equivalent of ten years’ salary). Carroll refused offers to fight in the United States, partly because he did not want to risk his family’s wealth and partly because he hated the thought of the voyage.

Carroll scored some of his greatest wins in 1937 and 1938, defeating Jimmy Leto three times and former title challenger Izzy Jannazzo. With issues making the welterweight limit in his final three bouts, Carroll’s doctor advised him to retire. In retirement Carroll worked as a referee at West Melbourne Stadium. With his boxing earnings Carroll bought a new house in the Melbourne suburb of Moonee Ponds as well as a new car. At the height of his career Carroll was second to only cricketer Sir Donald Bradman in popularity but Carroll hated the limelight. Married with three children, Carroll drifted off into anonymity after retirement. He died of a heart attack at the age of 70 in 1976.

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Luke Jackson

Photo courtesy of Luke Jackson. Photographer: Nigel Owen

Luke Jackson turned professional in 2013 after a successful amateur career and is currently a world ranked featherweight contender.

Jackson was a highly successful amateur, winning a bronze medal at the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne as well as the Australian Championships in 2006, 2007, 2010, 2011 and 2012. Competing in one of the toughest divisions in the Australian amateur scene, Jackson holds amateur wins over George Kambosos, Joel Brunker, Paul Flemming as well as future WBA title holder Nicholas Walters. Jackson was named Australia’s team captain at the Commonwealth Games in 2010 and the London Olympics in 2012. At the 2010 Commonwealth Games, Jackson won his first two bouts before he was defeated by the eventual gold-medallist Thomas Stalker in the quarter finals.

After turning professional in 2013, Jackson won the Australian featherweight title in 2015 with a split decision over Will Young. Jackson worked his way up the WBO world rankings, earning a top ranking and a potential shot at their title holder Oscar Valdez. With Valdez out due to injuries, Jackson faced former junior featherweight world title holder Carl Frampton for the interim title, losing via TKO in the ninth round. Since the loss, Jackson has rebounded with three wins and is ranked by Australian Boxing Zone as the top featherweight in the country.

Amateur Bouts

2004 Australian Championships
26-03-2004          Greg Eadie                          LDQ3

2005 Australian Championships
31-03-2005          Peter Rankin                      W 32:10
01-04-2005          Glen Gran                           L 9:17

2005 Oceania Championships
14-06-2005          Jerone Hannette              WRSC3
16-06-2005          Corey McConnell             L 10:14

Commonwealth Games Trials
26-08-2005          Glen Gran                           WIN
27-08-2005          Mark Pervinsky                 WIN
28-08-2005          Paul Flemming                  WIN     (Final)

2005 World Championships
14-11-2005          Chung Chun An                 L 9:24

Australia vs Croatia
17-2-2006            Ivan Klaric                            W 18:14

2006 Commonwealth Games
18-03-2006          Gottlieb Ndokosho         W 17:9
20-03-2006          Nicholas Walters              W 12:5
22-03-2006          Sharif Bogere                     W 18:12
23-03-2006          Lassi Mehrullah                 L 13:20     (Semi Final)

2006 Australian Championships
21-07-2006          Paul Flemming                  W 23:18
23-07-2006          Joel Brunker                       W 30:28                (Final)

2006 Tammer Tournament (Finland)
20-10-2006          Fadi Chahrour                    W 16:4
21-10-2006          Ali Hallab                              L 16:27

2007 World Championship Trials
23-03-2007          Joel Brunker                       W 29:26
25-03-2007          Paul Flemming                  L WALKOVER     (Final)

2007 Chemistry Cup (Germany)
10-05-2007          Marcel Herfurth               L 12:21

2007 Ustri Grand Prix (Czech Republic)
17-05-2007          Michal Chudecki               L 12:25

2007 Australian Championships
00-12-2007          Corey McConnell             W 12:6
00-12-2007          Joel Brunker                       W 10:5
00-12-2007          Paul Flemming                  W 5:1     (Final)

2008 Oceania Olympic Qualifiers
22-04-2008          Freeman Tokatake          WRSC2
24-04-2008          Ufa Deen                             W 19:6
25-04-2008          Paul Flemming                  L 4:8     (Final)

2010 Australian Championships
18-03-2010          Kane Cassells                     W 6:0
20-03-2010          Jeremy Udovich               W 11:2
21-03-2010          Mark Pervinsky                 W+3:3     (Final)

Konstantin Korotkov (Russia)
08-04-2010          Valeriy Pluyaskin              W 2:1
10-04-2010          Pavel Kholodok                 W 12:3
11-04-2010          Ismat Eynullayev              L 14:17     (Final)

Giraldo Cordova Cardin (Cuba)
24-04-2010          Jai Bhagwan                       L 2:9

2010 Cuban Olympiad
25-05-2010          Isbel Ramirez                     L 2:12

2010 Commonwealth Games Box-offs
04-07-2010          Mark Pervinsky                 W 9:0

2010 Oceania Championships
05-08-2010          Lalomauga Sanele            W 11:1
07-08-2010          Kautoa Roddy                    W 15:1
08-08-2010          Angus Donaldson             W 3:0     (Final)

2010 Commonwealth Games
06-10-2010          Tsepo Lepogo                    W 6:1
08-10-2010          Mmoloki Nogeng             W+1:1
10-10-2010          Thomas Stalker                 L 2:7

2011 Australian Championships
05-03-2011          Jeremy Udovich               W 5:1
06-03-2011          Valentine Borg                  W 8:0     (Final)

2011 Chemistry Cup (Germany)
17-03-2011          Eugen Burhard                  L 1:8

2011 Ustri Grand Prix (Czech Republic)
23-03-2011          Yang Jun                              W 2:1
24-03-2011          Ara Puluzyan                      L 0:0+

Gee Bee Tournament (Finland)
08-04-2011          Tobias Persson                  W 10:4
09-04-2011          Mikko Lehtinen                W 5:2
10-04-2011          David Joyce                        L 3:9     (Final)

2011 Arafura Games
09-05-2011          Colan Caleb                        W 10:2
11-05-2011          Jeremy Udovich               W 11:6
12-05-2011          George Kambosos           W 19:13
13-05-2011          Brandon Ogilvie                W 21:20     (Final)

2011 Presidents Cup (Indonesia)
03-07-2011          Min-Jae Ju                          L 4:14

Popenchenko Memorial (Russia)
13-07-2011          Soon-Chil Han                    W 10:4
14-07-2011          Akzhol Sulaymabek         W 14:8
15-07-2011          Adlan Abdurashidov       L 8:17     (Final)

2011 Liventsev Memorial (Belarus)
20-07-2011          Petru Apostol                    W 3:2
22-07-2011          Yaroslav Shish                    W 7:1
23-07-2011          Vazgen Safaryants           L 0:2     (Final)

2011 World Championships
01-10-2011          Mmoloki Nogeng             W 19:8
03-10-2011          Yasnier Toledo Lopez     L 10:11

2012 Australian Championships
02-02-2012          James Katz                          W 12:7
03-02-2012          George Kambosos           W+16:16
05-02-2012          Jai Alexander                     W 16:12      (Final)

2012 Oceania Olympic Trials
21-03-2012          Tom Boga                            WRSC2
23-03-2012          Colan Caleb                        W 15:6
25-03-2012          Chad Milnes                       W 18:5     (Final)

Algirdas Socikas Tournament (Lithuania)
10-05-2012          Ruslan Kamilov                  L 9:10

Beogradski Pobednik (Serbia)
02-05-2012          Charles Plynn                     W 14:13
03-05-2012          Elian Dimitrov                    W 13:7
04-05-2012          Stipan Prtenjaca               W 17:10
05-05-2012          Rachid Azzedine               L 4:10     (Final)

2012 Liventsev Memorial Tournament (Belarus)
17-05-2016          Hovhannes Bachkov       W 10:7
18-05-2012          Ivan Baranchik                   L PTS

2012 London Olympics
29-07-2012          Liu Qiang                              L 7:20

Professional Bouts

05-12-2014      Ruben Manakane                    W8
14-03-2015      Will Young                             W10
Wins Australian featherweight title

01-08-2015      Noldi Manakane                      WKO3
05-03-2016      John Mark Apolinario             W10
20-05-2016      Master Suro                             W6
19-11-2016      Silvester Lopez                       W10
18-03-2017      Mohammed Kambuluta          WTKO6
16-09-2017      Humbert de Santiago              W10
27-04-2018      Surachet Tongmala                 WKO2
18-08-2018      Carl Frampton                         LTKO9
WBO interim featherweight title

21-12-2018      Rivo Rengkung                       W8
26-04-2019      Boonsom Phothong                WKO3
28-09-2018      Abdallah Zamba                     W8

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Jimmy Carruthers

Jimmy Carruthers was Australia’s first undisputed world champion, capturing the world bantamweight championship on 15 November 1952 with a first-round knockout over South Africa’s Vic Toweel in Johannesburg. Carruthers made three successful defences before retiring undefeated in 1954 but was lured back into the ring in 1961, losing four of his six bouts before retiring for good with a 21-4 record.

Carruthers had an impressive amateur career. In 1946, at the age of 17, he made the final of the 1946 national titles. In 1947 he defeated Neville Rincheval, current Australian flyweight champion, who was undefeated in over 50 amateur bouts, to win the state bantamweight title. Carruthers also worked as a sparring partner for world title challenger Freddie Dawson while Dawson was preparing to face Vic Patrick as well as future lightweight champion “Old Bones” Joe Brown. Carruthers went on to win the 1947 Australian titles and represented Australia at the 1948 London Olympics, winning his first two bouts but suffering a cut that forced him to withdraw before the quarter finals.

After turning professional in 1950, Carruthers avenged an earlier amateur defeat to Billy Herbert, stopping him in ten rounds. Carruthers outpointed world-rated Australian bantamweight and featherweight champion Elley Bennett to win the Australian bantamweight title, earning himself a world ranking. A further win over former world title challenger Luis Castillo saw him ranked as the number one contender to Toweel’s title.

Carruthers’ title shot and boxing career were almost derailed in South Africa when Carruthers suffered a blood infection and almost had to have his foot amputated. After spending six months in South Africa due to several postponements, the bout finally took place on 15 November. Carruthers exploded on Toweel in the opening seconds, throwing over 100 punches in two minutes to knock the champion out in the first round to become Australia’s first undisputed world champion.  

As champion, Carruthers knocked out Toweel in a rematch, this time in ten rounds, before outpointing Pappy Gault and Chamroen Songkitrat. His last two defences were fought under unusual circumstances; Carruthers fought with a 30-foot tape worm in his stomach against Gault and the bout with Songkitrat was fought barefoot during a thunderstorm. Following the Songkitrat bout, Carruthers retired from the ring.

After managing a hotel in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs during his first retirement, Carruthers lost his first three comeback bouts after retirement, one to British Empire Games Gold Medalist and 1956 Olympian Wally Taylor. In 1962 he defeated Australian bantamweight champion Johnny Jarrett in a featherweight bout and then retired after losing to New Zealand champion Jimmy Cassidy in New Zealand. Carruthers managed a health food café and several hotels as well as working as a referee until 1977. He died in 1990 after a battle with lung cancer.

Amateur Bouts

1946             Billy Herbert            Loss

1946 Australian Championships
1946             O.Hardy                  Loss

1947 NSW Championships
03-11-1947   Neville Rincheval     Win

1947 Australian Championships
12-11-1947   N.Archer               Win
13-11-1947   S.Diver                   Win    

1948 London Olympics
09-08-1948   Fred Daigle             DQ2
(Daigle disqualified for repeated holding)
10-08-1948   Arnaldo Pares         W3
11-08-1948   Tibor Csik               LWO
(Carruthers cut during bout with Pares, forced to withdraw)

Professional Bouts

02-04-1951   Billy Herbert                      TKO10
14-05-1951   Elley Bennett                     W15
Wins Australian bantamweight title

26-11-1951   Luis Castillo                      W12
13-03-1952   Taffy Hancock                   TKO7
07-04-1952   Ray Coleman                    W12
12-05-1952   Johnny O’Brien                 W12
15-11-1952   Vic Toweel                        KO1
Wins World bantamweight title

21-03-1953   Vic Toweel                        KO10
Defends World bantamweight title

13-11-1953   Pappy Gault                      W15
Defends World bantamweight title

29-03-1954   Bobby Sinn                       W12
02-05-1954   Chamroen Songkitrat         W12
Defends World bantamweight title

16-05-1954   Carruthers retires and vacates world bantamweight title

11-09-1961   Aldo Pravisani                   L12
20-11-1961   Wally Taylor            L12
15-12-1961   Don Johnson           LTKO5
09-03-1962   Louis Magnifico       KO2

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Jimmy Carruthers vs Vic Toweel article

Jeff Horn

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA – JULY 2: Jeff Horn (C) of Australia celebrates beating Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines in their WBO welterweight championship title fight at Suncorp Stadium on July 2, 2017 in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images)

Jeff Horn became the first Australian to win a portion of the world welterweight title when he defeated Manny Pacquiao on points in front of more than 50,000 fans at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane on 2 July 2017.

Horn had a successful amateur career, winning the Australian championships in 2009, 2011 and 2012 and representing Australia at the 2012 London Olympics. He defeated Zambia’s Gilbert Choombe and Tunisia’s Abderrazak Houya before losing in the quarter finals to eventual silver medalist Denys Berinchyk from Ukraine. 

Horn turned professional in 2013 and won the Australian title in his fifth professional fight with a one-punch first-round knockout over Samuel Colomban. Wins over former world title holder Randall Bailey and former world title challengers Ali Funeka and Naoufel Ben Rabah earned Horn a top sanctioning body ranking, which lead to his shot at Pacquiao. After defeating Pacquiao, Horn was ranked #6 by the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board and climbed as high as #4 before he lost his title to Terence Crawford on 9 June 2018.

After losing to Crawford, Horn moved to middleweight where he has defeated Anthony Mundine by first-round knockout.  In 2019 he lost by knockout to Michael Zerafa before avenging the loss with a points victory. On 26 August 2020 Horn was stopped by Tim Tszyu in a major Australian domestic matchup.

Amateur Bouts

2008 Australian Championships
21-11-2008      David Biddle                          L 7:13

2009 World Championships Qualifier
28-03-2008      David Biddle                          W+7:7
29-03-2008      Qamil Balla                             L 2:21

2009 Australian Championships
04-12-2009      Chris Reidy                             W 11:4
06-12-2009      David Biddle                          W 9:1 (Final)

2010 Australian Championships
18-03-2010      Michael Tapua                        W 9:8
19-03-2010      Callum Cassidy                       L 1:3

2011 Australian Championships
03-03-2011      Ryan Hampton                        W 9:1
04-03-2011      Kye MacKenzie                      W 13:2
05-03-2011      Callum Cassidy                       W 7:2
06-03-2011      Luke Woods                           W 8:0 (Final)

2011 Chemistry Cup (Germany)
17-03-2011      Scott Cardle                        L 2:9

2011 Ustri Grand Prix (Czech Republic)
24-03-2011      Hrachik Javakhyan           L 0:3

Gee Bee Tournament (Finland)
08-04-2011      Arturs Ahmetovs             W 15:4
09-04-2011      Alex Vasiljev                      W 8:2
10-04-2011      Thomas Stalker                 L 2:12                     (Final)

2011 Arafura Games
10-05-2011      Glenn McKeown              W 21:10
11-05-2011      Stanley Emmanuel          W 17:5
12-05-2011      Mark Pevinski                    W 25:15
13-05-2011      Qamil Balla                          W 29:15                (Final)

2011 World Championships
30-09-2011      Elias Roca                             W 42:5
02-10-2011      Everton Lopes                   L 10-22

2011 London Test Event
26-11-2011      Josh Taylor                          L 11:13

2012 Australian Championships
03-02-2012      Abe Archibald                    WRSC3
04-02-2012      Jake Perrins                        W 11:3
05-02-2012      Qamil Balla                          W 24:19                (Final)

2012 Oceania Olympic Trials
24-03-2012      Harry Scaife                        WRSC3
25-03-2012      Livai Hinoma                       WRSC1                  (Final)

Algirdas Socikas Tournament (Lithuania)
10-05-2012      Deividas Kliucakas            W 13:9
11-05-2012      Philip Sutcliffe                   W14:9
12-05-2012      Eimanatas Stanionis        L 16:24                  (Final)

Beogradski Pobednik (Serbia)
03-05-2012      Lewis Benson                    W 11:4
04-05-2012      Abdel Malik Ladjali          W 9:8
05-05-2012      Radzhab Butayev             L 8:12                     (Final)

2012 Liventsev Memorial Tournament (Belarus)
16-05-2012      Denis Yutskevich              W 10:7
18-05-2012      Sabit Telepbergenov      L PTS

2012 London Olympics
31-07-2012          Gilbert Choombe             W 19:5
04-08-2012          Abderrazak Houya           W 17:11
08-08-2012          Denis Berinchik                 L 13:21

Professional Bouts

12-09-2013      Samuel Colomban       KO1
Wins Australian welterweight title

06-12-2013      Naoufel Ben Rabah     W6
27-04-2016      Randall Bailey            TKO7
10-12-2016      Ali Funeka                  TKO6
02-07-2017      Manny Pacquiao         W12
Wins WBO welterweight title

13-12-2017      Gary Corcoran            TKO11
Defends WBO welterweight title

09-06-2018      Terence Crawford      LTKO9
Loses WBO welterweight title

30-11-2018      Anthony Mundine       KO1
31-08-2019      Michael Zerafa           LTKO9
18-12-2019      Michael Zerafa           W10
26-08-2020      Tim Tszyu                   LTKO8

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Jason Moloney

Photo Credit: Mikey Williams

Jason Moloney was a 2010 Commonwealth Games representative as an amateur after winning the 2010 Australian National Championships. He won his first bout at the tournament, defeating Michael Conlan, but lost his quarter final. Moloney narrowly missed selection at the 2012 London Olympics and the 2014 New Delhi Commonwealth Games, turning professionally shortly after.

Alongside his twin brother Andrew, the Moloney brothers established themselves as the premier little men in Australia. Jason won the Commonwealth Bantamweight title on 24 February 2018 and then stopped former WBA junior bantamweight title holder Kohei Kono in 6 rounds on 19 May 2018 to become IBF mandatory to Emmanuel Rodriguez.

For the fight with Rodriguez to take place, Moloney entered the World Boxing Super Series where he would have to face the other title holders as part of a tournament should he win. Rodriguez won a razor-thin split decision to hand Moloney his first professional loss on 20 October 2018. The Transnational Boxing Rankings Board included Moloney in their independent top ten rankings on 11 December.

Moloney battled back from the defeat, winning four fights including stoppage wins over Dixon Flores and Leonardo Baez, the latter win in an ESPN main event which earned Moloney the #5 ranking with the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board. On 31 October 2020 Moloney challenged world bantamweight champion Naoya Inoue, losing by seventh-round knockout. Moloney is currently ranked #8 by the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board at bantamweight.

Amateur Bouts

2009 Australian National Championships
04-12-2009          54kg       Jarred Woods    W 11:3
06-12-2009          54kg       Bradley Hore      L 3:7

2010 Australian National Selection Trials
18-03-2010          Jason Cooper                     W 6:0
19-03-2010          Aaron Wellman                 W 4:2
21-03-2010          Jarred Woods                    W 5:1 (Final)

Konstantin Korotkov Memorial
08-04-2010          Andrey Krupko                  W 10:4
2010-04-10          Georgiy Balakshin            L 1:3

Giraldo Cordova Cardin Memorial
23-04-2010          Jitender Kumar                 L 2:5

Cuban Olympiad
25-05-2010          Jorge Luis Nunez              L 4:19

2010 Oceanian Championships
06-08-2010          Benedict Telovae             W 14:0
07-08-2010          D.J.Maaki                            W 13:0 (Final)

2010 Commonwealth Games New Delhi
07-10-2010          Michael Conlan                 W +10:10
09-10-2010          Oteng Oteng                      L 3:5

2011 Australian National Championships
04-03-2011          Jack Michaels                     W 11:0
05-03-2011          Nick Cooney                       W 5:0
06-03-2011          Luke Boyd                           L 3:8 (Final)

2011 Arafura Games
11-05-2011          Mack Hiari                          W 28:5
12-05-2011          Malachi Sheppard           W RSC1
13-05-2011          Ibrahim Balla                     W 10:25 (Final)

2012 Australian National Championships
01-02-2012          Harley Broome                  W RSC
04-02-2012          Ibrahim Balla                     W 10:16

2013 Australian National Championships
12-02-2013          Jayden Hansen                  W 17:12
14-02-2013          Jeremy Udovich                L 10:11

Sting Cup
08-03-2014          Nick Cooney                       W PTS

2014 Australian National Championships, Fremantle
08-04-2014          Ziad Aaty                             W 3:0
10-04-2014          Jacob Ng                              W 3:0
12-04-2014          Jackson Woods                 L 1:2 (Final)

Professional Bouts

18-05-2014          Chatri Sariphan                 W TKO1
06-03-2015          Alvin Bais                             W TKO3
18-12-2015          Markquil Salvana              W TKO5
19-03-2016          Junior Bajawa                    W TKO4
24-06-2016          Virden Rivera                     W KO3
03-08-2016          Jeffrey Francisco              W PTS6
10-12-2016          Enrique Bernache            W TKO6
03-02-2017          Marco Demecillo              W PTS8
19-08-2017          Lolito Sonsona                  W PTS10
(OPBF Junior Featherweight title)

21-10-2017          Julias Kisarawe                  W KO1
19-05-2018          Immanuel Naidjala          W TKO3
(Commonwealth Bantamweight title)

19-05-2018          Kohei Kono                         W TKO6
20-10-2018          Emmanuel Rodriguez     L PTS12
(IBF World Bantamweight title)

30-03-2019          Cris Paulino                         W TKO5
15-11-2019          Dixon Flores                       W KO2
25-06-2020          Leonardo Baez                  W TKO7
31-10-2020          Naoya Inoue                      LKO7
(World Bantamweight title)