George Kambosos Jnr

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George Kambosos Jnr is the #10 world ranked lightweight by the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board.

Kambosos was born in Sydney, New South Wales on 14 June 1993. As an amateur, Kambosos nearly upset the eventual team captain Luke Jackson at the 2012 Olympic Trials, losing on a countback in their semi-final bout. After losing in the quarter finals at the 2013 Australian Championships, Kambosos turned professional.

Kambosos won the state title in his third professional fight, and then outpointed Robert Toomey to win the Australian title on 29 August 2014. Wins over Joebert Delos Reyes, old amateur rival Brandon Ogilvie and Qamil Balla established Kambosos as the top lightweight in Australia. Kambosos was usaed regularly as a sparring partner for Manny Pacquiao from 2017 and has won six bouts in a row since leaving Australia. In his last contest, Kambosos outpointed former IBF world title holder Mickey Bey to earn a top ranking with the organisation.

Kambosos defeated former featherweight world title holder Lee Selby on 31 October 2020 to earn a mandatory shot at Teofimo Lopez world lightweight championship.

Amateur Bouts

2009 Australian Junior National Championships
05-12-2009          Brandon Ogilvie               L 6:7 (Final)

2011 Australian Youth National Championships
04-03-2011          Liam Nicolson                    W 5:4
05-03-2011          Brandon Ogilvie                L 2:7 (Final)

2011 Arafura Games
09-05-2011          Tom Boga                           W 9:7
11-05-2011          Chad Milnes                      W PTS
12-05-2011          Luke Jackson                     L 13:19

2012 Australian National Championships
02-02-2012          Tom Morrison                  W 17:2
03-02-2012          Luke Jackson                     L 16:16+

2013 Australian National Championships
12-02-2013          Jake Perrins                       L 12:16

Professional Bouts

22-11-2013          Michael Correa                 W TKO6
(NSW lightweight title)

29-08-2014          Robert Toomey                 W PTS10
(Australian lightweight title)

12-12-2015          Joebert Delos Reyes       W KO4
02-12-2016          Brandon Ogilvie                W PTS12
06-05-2017          Qamil Balla                          W PTS10
13-10-2017          Krai Setthaphon                  W TKO9
05-05-2018          Jose Forero                         W KO1
15-07-2018          JR Magboo                          W TKO2
19-02-2019          Rey Perez                            W PTS8
07-06-2019          Richard Pena                      W TKO6
14-12-2019          Mickey Bey                         W PTS10
31-10-2020          Lee Selby                             W PTS12

Les Darcy




Les Darcy is considered by many to be Australia’s greatest ever pound for pound fighter, despite passing away at the age of 21. In a seven-year boxing career, Darcy claimed the world middleweight championship, as recognised in Australia, in 1915 and defended his claim successfully nine times. Darcy defeated Jeff Smith, who had claimed the world championship after defeating Eddie McGoorty on Australian soil in 1914. McGoorty had previously defeated British Empire middleweight and heavyweight champion Dave Smith to establish the claim.

In addition to claiming the world middleweight championship, Darcy also held the Australian and British Empire middleweight titles and the Australian heavyweight title and held these titles until his death in 1917. Darcy has victories over former middleweight world champion George Chip, former middleweight title claimants Jeff King, Eddie McGoorty and Mick King and world-rated contender Jimmy Clabby. Darcy defeated every man he ever faced in the ring.

Darcy stowed away from Australia in 1916 at the height of World War I to chase big money fights overseas. He died of pneumonia in 1917 while training for his American debut against Jack Dillon. The pneumonia was a side effect from a blood infection he contracted after having a tooth knocked out during a contest with Harold Hardwick in 1916. Darcy was labelled a draft dodger by the Australian press, who succeeded in turning the Australian public against their hero after he left the country. This reputation made it difficult for him to get a licence to fight in America. Despite the public outcry against Darcy after leaving Australia, the public mourned his death. Over 100,000 people viewed his body while it was on display in George street, Sydney before his body was transported back to his hometown of Maitland, NSW.


Notable Bouts

03-11-1913          Bob Whitelaw                    L20
For Australian welterweight title
05-01-1914          Jack Clarke                          TKO9
21-03-1914          Bob Whitelaw                    KO5
18-07-1914          Fritz Holland                       L20
12-09-1914          Fritz Holland                       LDQ18
07-11-1914          Gus Christie                        W20
26-12-1914          Fred Dyer                            W20
23-01-1915          Jeff Smith                            LDQ5
World middleweight title (recognised in Australia)

13-03-1915          Fritz Holland                       W20
01-05-1915          Fritz Holland                       TKO13
22-05-1915          Jeff Smith                            DQ2
World middleweight title (recognised in Australia)

12-06-1915          Mick King                             TKO10
Defends world middleweight title (recognised in Australia)
Wins Australian middleweight title
Wins British Empire middleweight title

31-07-1915          Eddie McGoorty               TKO15
Defends world middleweight title (recognised in Australia)

04-09-1915          Billy Murray                        W20
Defends world middleweight title (recognised in Australia)

09-10-1915          Fred Dyer                            TKO6
Defends world middleweight title (recognised in Australia)
Defends British Empire middleweight title

23-10-1915          Jimmy Clabby                    W20
Defends world middleweight title (recognised in Australia)

27-12-1915          Eddie McGoorty               TKO8
Defends world middleweight title (recognised in Australia)

15-01-1916          George Brown                  W20
19-02-1916          Harold Hardwick               TKO7
Wins Australian heavyweight title

25-03-1916          Les O’Donnell                    TKO7
Defends Australian heavyweight title

08-04-1916          George Brown                  W20
13-05-1916          Alex Costica                        TKO4
Defends world middleweight title (recognised in Australia)
03-06-1916          Buck Crouse                       TKO2
24-06-1916          Dave Smith                         KO12
Defends Australian heavyweight title

16-08-1916          Dave Smith                         TKO11
Defends Australian heavyweight title

09-09-1916          Jimmy Clabby                    W20
Defends world middleweight title (recognised in Australia)

30-09-1916          George Chip                       KO9
Defends world middleweight title (recognised in Australia)

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