Andrew Moloney

Photographer: Mikey Williams

Andrew Moloney is a 2014 Commonwealth Games gold medallist and is currently ranked #8 junior bantamweight in the world by the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board.

Moloney (twin brother of Jason) was one of Australia’s best recent amateur boxers. He won a gold medal at the Commonwealth Games in 2014 and was the Australian amateur champion in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2014. Despite narrowly missing Olympic selection in 2012, Andrew competed at the World Championships in 2011 and 2013 as well as the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

Turning professional shortly after his triumph in Glasgow, Moloney won the Australian bantamweight title in 2015 before moving down to the junior bantamweight division where he won the OPBF and Commonwealth titles in 2017. Moloney has defeated Rene Dacquel, Luis Concepcion, Elton Dharry and Miguel Gonzalez, earning himself a top ten world rating in March 2018.

Moloney climbed as high as #7 in the rankings before losing to Joshua Franco in June 2020. In their November rematch, Moloney seemed to damage Franco’s right eye with a jab in round one, but the referee ruled the injury was caused by an accidental head clash and declared the bout a no-decision, robbing Moloney of avenging the loss.

Amateur Bouts

Australian Titles 2009
2009-03-29          Shane Webster                 19:7 (Final)

AIBA Presidents Cup (Azerbaijan)
2009-12-09          Rachid Oubaali                  3:9

Australian Titles 2010
2010-03-19          Anthony Missale              10:0
2010-03-21          Dylan Perkins                     7:5 (Final)

Konstantin Korotkov Memorial
2010-04-10          Elvin Mamishzade           15:11
2010-04-11          Artem Mirzayev                2:16 (Final)

Cuban Olympiad (Cuba)
2010-05-25          Desiderio Gonzalez         5:10

Oceanian Championships 2010
2010-08-07          Blanco Wharton                12:0

Commonwealth Games 2010
2010-10-07          Paul Kava                             RSC1
2010-10-09          Paddy Barnes                     3:5

Australian Titles 2011
2011-03-06         Jayden Hansen                  12:3 (Final)

Giraldo Cordova Cardin Memorial (Cuba)
2011-06-01         Robeisy Ramirez               6:26

Copa Roberto Balado (Cuba)
2011-06-10         Leordan Nunez                  5:0

President’s Cup (Indonesia)
2011-07-04          Mohd Subrie Kamis        19:17
2011-07-06         Julio Bria                              25:7

Popenchenko Memorial (Russia)
2011-07-13         Denis Yashchuk                 12:8
2011-07-14         Ovik Ogannisyan               11:16

Liventsev Memorial (Belarus)
2011-07-21         Erdal Inanli                          3:4

World Championships 2011
2011-09-27         Georgi Chigayev               10:19

Australian Titles 2012
2012-02-03          Reggie Palm Island           16:13
2012-02-05          Jackson Woods                 12:16 (Final)

Australian Titles 2013
2013-02-16          Jahmarley Dawson          RSC (Final)

World Championships 2013
2013-10-14          P.Dilanka Suresh              3:0
2013-10-18          Ilyas Suleymanov             0:3

Ahmet Comert Tournament (Turkey)
2013-09-04          Aydin Sakal                         PTS
2013-09-06          Norbert Kalucza                PTS
2013-09-07          Vasiliy Vetkin                     0:3

Sting Cup
2014-03-08          Jackson Woods                 WPTS   

Australian Titles 2014
2014-04-12          Jahmarley Dawson          2:0 (Final)

Commonwealth Games 2014
2014-07-27          Taiwo Wasiu                       3:0
2014-07-29          Ruari Dalton                       3:0
2014-08-01          Reece McFadden             2:1
2014-08-02          Muhammad Waseem    3:0 (Final)

Professional Bouts

2015-12-18          Roberto Lerio                     KO4
Wins Australian Bantamweight title

2016-03-19          Ryohei Takahashi             W10
2016-10-08          Jether Oliva                        TKO6
03-02-2017          Renoel Pael                        W8
2017-08-19          Raymond Tabugon          TKO4
Wins OPBF Junior Bantamweight title

2017-10-21          Hashimu Zaberi                 TKO4
Wins Commonwealth Junior Bantamweight title

2018-02-24          Rene Dacquel                    W12
OPBF Junior Bantamweight title

2018-05-19          Richard Claveras               W10
2018-09-08          Luis Concepcion                TKO10
2019-03-22          Miguel Gonzalez              TKO8
2019-11-15          Elton Dharry                       TKO8
Wins interim WBA Junior Bantamweight title

23-06-2020          Joshua Franco                    LPTS12
(WBA Regular Bantamweight title)

14-11-2020 Joshua Franco ND2
(WBA Regular Bantamweight title)

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