Daniel Geale


SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – JANUARY 30: Daniel Geale celebrates winning the IBF Middleweight Title bout between Anthony Mundine and Daniel Geale at Sydney Entertainment Centre on January 30, 2013 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

Daniel Geale became the first Australian boxer to win a world middleweight title that was recognised outside of Australia when he won a split decision over IBF middleweight champion Sebastian Sylvester in Germany on 7 May 2011. He successfully defended the IBF title twice before travelling back to Germany, where he defeated another German, Felix Sturm on 1 September 2012 to capture the WBA title. Geale also has victories over Roman Karmazin, Osumanu Adama, Anthony Mundine, Jarrod Fletcher, Daniel Dawson, Garth Wood, Kariz Kariuki, Daniel MacKinnon and Ian MacKillop.

As an amateur, Geale won the Australian championships in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004 and represented Australia at the 2000 Olympics, 2001 and 2003 World championships and the 2002 Commonwealth Games, where he won a gold medal. He turned professional in 2004 after losing in the Oceania Games, missing out on representing Australia at the Athens Olympics. On 14 December 2007 Geale defeated fellow undefeated Australian boxer Daniel Dawson. He followed it with three victories over international opponents, which earned him a top ten ranking by Ring Magazine. It also set up a pay per view fight with Anthony Mundine, where Geale lost a controversial split decision. 

Geale worked his way back up the rankings while chasing a rematch with Mundine, defeating Kariz Kariuki and Roman Karmazin to earn a shot at Sylvester. The win over Sylvester earned Geale the top contender slot by Ring Magazine. After two successful defences he defeated Sturm, and was ranked as the top contender to lineal champion Sergio Marinez by the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board in their inaugural rankings. Geale was stripped of the WBA title he won from Felix Sturm when he went into negotiations to face Anthony Mundine in a rematche rather than face Sturm’s long overdue mandatory challenger Gennady Golovkin.

Geale avenged his loss to Mundine with a points decision and maintained a top contender ranking until Golovkin defeated Matthew Macklin to earn the top contender spot. Geale lost his IBF title in his next defence by narrow points decision to Darren Barker, but remained independently ranked in the top ten middleweights in the world.  Geale would twice more challenge for world titles, losing by technical knockout to both Golovkin in July 2014 and Miguel Cotto in a challenge for the lineal title in June 2015 with both bouts taking place in New York. Geale moved to super middleweight in October 2016, losing by knockout to Renold Quinlan in his final bout.

Amateur Bouts

2000 Australian Championships
12-04-2000          Jamie Pittman                   WPTS
13-04-2000          Baydon Beddoe                 WPTS
15-04-2000          David Ross                          WPTS                    (Final)

2000 Oceania Championships
20-05-2000          Niusila Seikili                      RSC3
22-05-2000          Errol Alegere                      RSC3
23-05-2000          Daniel Codling                   13:10                     (Final)

2000 Sydney Olympics
16-09-2000          Leonard Bundu                 L2:4

2001 Australian Selection Trials
17-03-2001          David Ross                          W16:2
18-03-2001          Goran Pavic                        W10:3                   (Final)

2001 East Asian Games
23-05-2001          Naoki Hirata                       W12+-12
26-05-2001          Gennady Golovkin          L3:15                      (Final)

2001 World Championships
04-06-2001          Anthony Thompson        L4:13

2001 Goodwill Games
06-09-2001          Anthony Thompson        L10:19
08-09-2001          Vladimir Nosov                 W20:9                   (Third Place Bout)

2001 Australian Championships
14-10-2001          David Ross                          RSC3                      (Final)

2002 Australian Championships
23-03-2002          Nelson Ali                            RSC3
24-03-2002          David Ross                          RSC3                      (Final)

2002 Oceania Championships
09-04-2002          Peter Mark Nauka           RSC1
11-04-2002          Opeti Tagi                            RSC3
13-04-2002          Daniel Codling                   W13:12                 (Final)

2002 World Cup
03-06-2002          Mustafa Karagollu           LPTS
04-06-2002          Yudel Jhonson                   LRSC2

2002 Commonwealth Games
28-07-2002          Tsetsi Davis                         RSC3
30-07-2002          Toney Cesay                      W25:13
01-08-2002          Daniel Codling                   W27:13
03-08-2002          Kwanele Zulu                     W26:17                 (Final)

2003 Australian Championships
28-03-2003          Sean Bowes                       RSC3
29-03-2003          Anoushirvan Nourian     WALKOVER         (Final)

2003 World Championships
08-07-2003          Bakhtiyar Artayev            L8:30

2004 Australian Championships
25-03-2004          Robbie Bryant                   W25:4
27-03-2004          David Ross                          WRSC2
28-03-2004          Gerard O’Mahony           W18:13                 (Final)

2004 Oceania Championships
29-04-2004          Kahukura Bentson           L20:23

Professional Bouts

22-10-2005          Garry Comer                      KO8
27-11-2005          Garry Comer                      TKO2
14-12-2007          Daniel Dawson                  W12
27-06-2008          Geard Ajetovic                  W12
05-12-2008          Daniel MacKinnon           W10
11-03-2009          Ian MacKillop                     KO1
27-05-2009          Anthony Mundine           L12
02-06-2010          Kariz Kariuki                        TKO11
31-10-2010          Roman Karmazin              TKO12
07-05-2011          Sebastian Sylvester         W12
Wins IBF middleweight title

31-08-2011          Eromosele Albert             W12
Defends IBF middleweight title

07-03-2012          Osumanu Adama             W12
Defends IBF middleweight title

01-09-2012          Felix Sturm                         W12
Wins WBA middleweight title
Defends IBF middleweight title

30-01-2013          Anthony Mundine           W12
Defends IBF middleweight title

17-08-2013          Darren Barker                    L12
Loses IBF middleweight title

19-02-2014          Garth Wood                       TKO6
26-07-2014          Gennady Golovkin          LTKO3
For WBA middleweight title

03-12-2014          Jarrod Fletcher                  W12
06-06-2015          Miguel Cotto                      LTKO4
For World middleweight title

14-10-2016          Renold Quinlan                 LKO2