1885-1892 John L. Sullivan

John L. Sullivan was the last bare knuckle heavyweight champion under the London Prize Rules. His reign is included as he fought numerous bouts with gloves while reigning as the bare knuckle champion. His contest with James J. Corbett was the first time a new champion was crowned in a contest using gloves.

07-09-1892 James J. Corbett KO21 John L. Sullivan
25-01-1894 James J. Corbett KO3 Charlie Mitchell

31-10-1897 Bob Fitzsimmons KO14 James J. Corbett

09-06-1899 James J. Jeffries KO11 Bob Fitzsimmons
03-11-1899 James J. Jeffries W25 Tom Sharkey
06-04-1900 James J. Jeffries KO1 John Finnegan
11-05-1900 James J. Jeffries KO23 James J. Corbett
15-11-1901 James J. Jeffries TKO6 Gus Ruhlin
25-07-1902 James J. Jeffries KO8 Bob Fitzsimmons
14-08-1903 James J. Jeffries TKO10 James J. Corbett
26-08-1904 James J. Jeffries TKO2 Jack Munroe

Jeffries announced his retirement and vacated the heavyweight title in May, 1905, although he would make a comeback in 1910 to challenge Jack Johnson for the title. In July, 1905, Jeffries refereed a contest between Marvin Hart and Jack Root and declared the winner as the new heavyweight champion.

03-07-1905 Marvin Hart KO12 Jack Root

23-02-1906 Tommy Burns W20 Marvin Hart
02-10-1906 Tommy Burns KO15 “Fireman” Jim Flynn
28-11-1906 Tommy Burns D20 “Philadelphia” Jack O’Brien
08-05-1907 Tommy Burns W20 “Philadelphia” Jack O’Brien
04-07-1907 Tommy Burns KO1 Bill Squires
02-12-1907 Tommy Burns KO10 Gunner Moir
10-02-1908 Tommy Burns KO4 Jack Palmer
17-03-1908 Tommy Burns KO1 Jem Roche
18-04-1908 Tommy Burns KO5 Jewey Smith
13-06-1908 Tommy Burns KO8 Bill Squires
24-08-1908 Tommy Burns KO13 Bill Squires
03-09-1908 Tommy Burns KO6 Bill Lang

26-12-1908 Jack Johnson TKO14 Tommy Burns
19-05-1909 Jack Johnson ND6 “Philadelphia” Jack O’Brien
09-09-1909 Jack Johnson W10 Al Kaufman
16-10-1909 Jack Johnson KO12 Stanley Ketchel
04-07-1910 Jack Johnson KO15 James J. Jeffries
04-07-1912 Jack Johnson DQ9 “Fireman” Jim Flynn
19-12-1913 Jack Johnson D1- “Battling” Jim Johnson
27-06-1914 Jack Johnson W20 Frank Moran

05-04-1915 Jess Willard KO26 Jack Johnson
25-03-1916 Jess Willard W10 Frank Moran

04-07-1919 Jack Dempsey TKO3 Jess Willard
06-09-1920 Jack Dempsey KO3 Billy Miske
14-12-1920 Jack Dempsey KO12 Bill Brennan
02-07-1921 Jack Dempsey KO4 Georges Carpentier
04-07-1923 Jack Dempsey W15 Tommy Gibbons
14-09-1923 Jack Dempsey KO2 Luis Firpo

23-09-1926 Gene Tunney W10 Jack Dempsey
22-09-1927 Gene Tunney W10 Jack Dempsey
26-07-1928 Gene Tunney TKO11 Tom Heeney

Tunney announced his retirement in August 1928. A “Box-off” between Jack Sharkey and Young Stribling took place with the winner to fight Dempsey for the vacant title was planned by promoter Tex Rickard until his sudden death in January 1929. Sharkey defeated Stribling and then stopped Light Heavyweight champion Tommy Loughran and British Empire champion Phil Scott while Max Schmeling defeated Johnny Risko and Paulino Uzcudun to emerge as the number two contender and an arrangement was made for the two to fight for the vacant title.

12-06-1930 Max Schmeling DQ4 Jack Sharkey
03-07-1931 Max Schmeling TKO15 Young Stribling