Gonzalez loses controversial decision in New York

Listed as a 10-1 underdog, Srisaket Sor Rungvisai (42-4-1 (although he was reportedly 8-3 before his first recorded bout) 38 KO) wasn’t expected to give Gonzalez (46-1, 38 KO) more than a few rounds resistance before he was dispatched by Gonzalez. Gonzalez started fast, scoring clean punches with both hands while making Sor Rungvisai miss, until a right body shot dropped him late in the first round. It seemed more of the force of the blow knocked Gonzalez down than the placement of the body shot, however Gonzalez didn’t rise until the count of nine.

Gonzalez hit back in the second round, clearly outworking Sor Rungvisai although Sor Rungvisai stood in the pocket and threw back heavy leather. The third round seemed to change everything as both men clashed heads and a gash opened on the outside of the left eye of Gonzalez. The wound bled profusely throughout the contest and was re-opened by numerous headbutts. The blood, as well as Sor Rungvisai’s wild swinging style, seeminly influenced the judges decision. Gonzalez thoroughly outworked Sor Rungvisai in rounds 3-6 before Sor Rungvisai, who lost a point in the sixth for a headbutt, had his best round since the opener in the seventh.

Gonzales dominated the 8th and the 12th however rounds 9 and 10 were nip and tuck with both men landing great shots, and Sor Rungvisai won the 11th clearly. Gonzalez battered Sor Rungvisai in the 12th to the point where Sor Rungvisai actually ran away at one point to avoid the blows. The Thai fighter was desperate in the 12th and did well to survive, although his punch and grab tactics had a lot to do with that. The fight, in a nutshell, was Gonzalez scoring with both hands to the head and body while Sor Rungvisai took the shots and fired back with hard punches. Many of these punches were blocked, slipped or rolled with by Gonzalez however the blood made the fight seem more even than it was.

Judge Waleska Roldan’s 113-113 card was overruled by judges Julie Lederman and Glenn Feldmann’s 114-112 cards for Sor Rungvisai. I scored the bout 116-110. I favour clean punching, effective aggression, defence and ring generalship (which are the four criteria of boxing judging), all four of which were in favour of Gonzalez ,over throwing lots of hard punches and missing most of them. I was flabbergasted by the result. People complained about the first Bradley-Pacquiao card, this was much, much worse.

The one thing to take out of this fight is that Gonzalez is too small for 115lbs. He won his first bout at 105lbs and wasn’t a big flyweight. Against Cuadras and Sor Rungvisai he looks like he is a clear one or two divisions below them. Gonzalez will likely rematch both men (although a bout between Naoya Inoue and Sor Rungvisai in Japan would be huge money) but I think he is shortening his career by fighting in this division.